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A forum where new cacher's can ask for helpful advice and find out information to help them as they learn more and more about this great thing we call "Geocaching"!
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This is the place to post about your upcoming geocaching events. This can be personal or caching group events to let everyone know!

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This is the place to post about upcoming trips, Geocaching Cruises, or just want to meetup with other cachers to go on an adventure!

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A Forum to discuss the various aspects of the "Best Practices and Common Courtesies" of Geocaching.
GPS Yard Sale
Upgrading your GPS or other gear and want to sell the old? Post them here!
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This is the forum if you have geocoins, trackables, pathtags, geocaches, swag and other geocaching related items for sale.
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This is the forum for posting great deals available through web shopping or brick and mortar stores. Share the wealth!
GGA Going Caching Pathtags Design
GGA Going Caching Pathtags Design

GGA Going Caching Pathtags Design

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GGA Coin Design

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This forum is for Technical Discussions related to Geocaching.
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Have you found a great link for puzzle help, ciphers, cache building, swag ideas, and anything you think other's geocachers would them here!

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Anything not related to Geocaching can go here!

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Here you will find links to the many Geocaching Groups and Organizations in the state of GA
Archives Coming Soon
Archives Coming Soon

Archives from the old GGA forum will be loaded into the new forum soon. We have a rich history within the GGA and that history will still be here as we transition to the new site. Thank you for your patience.

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