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Adventure Lab!

The GGA was granted one of the early Adventure Labs and it is now available in the app: I Have A Dream. We hope you enjoy the adventure!

Download the Adventure Labs app

GGA T-Shirts!

We are pleased to announce the new GGA T-Shirts! Pre-orders are now being accepted. Get yours today:

GGA 2019 Trackable Treasure Chest Contest

The GGA 2019 Trackable Treasure Chest Contest! The winner receives the treasure chest and the entire contents!

Here's how it works: [more...]

GGA Challenge Leaderboard

See the latest GGA Challenge leaderboard here!

GGA Challenges - Extreme in 2019!

The GGA wants to encourage you to get outside and play so we are happy to announce the GGA Challenges will continue in 2019.  We hope these challenges spur your sense of adventure and create many fun geocaching memories.

Throughout the year, we will announce a new challenge every other Sunday.  The challenge period will last for two weeks unless otherwise noted. To inspire all levels of play, there will be four challenge levels this year. [more...]

GGA 2019 Challenge Calendar

All of the challenge timing details including challenge period start and end dates, submission deadlines, and when prize drawings take place, can be found on our 2019 GGA Challenge Calendar.

2018 GGA Hall of Fame

Please join us in congratulating the 2018 Hall of Fame inductees ... [more...]

Latest GGA Challenge

Be sure to check out the latest GGA Challenge so you can participate!

Welcome to the new Steering Committee members

Wow -- what a close election!  Almost had to have a run-off!  LOL!  Many thanks to all who accepted nominations,

and to all who voted!  [More voted this year than in recent history!]  

Congratulations and Welcome to following new members of the

GGA Steering Committee, to serve 2019-2020:  

  • Asgoroth

  • Harthunter

  • poeanne/wolfling70

More GGA GIGA Pathtags!

Do you love pathtags? Do you love GIGA events? Have you ever noticed that you can't spell "GIGA" without "GGA"?? Well, then we have an exciting item for you! Due to popular demand we have reordered another 100 pathtags. [more...]

GGA November 2018 Event Report

One of the GGA's traditions is to host our November event in conjunction with the Georgia Geo-Campers. In keeping with that tradition, this year's November GGA event (GC7YJDH) was hosted at Lake Mayer Community Park in Savannah, GA, while the Georgia Geo-Campers camped out at nearby Ft. McAllister State Park (GC7XCFZ). We ran into a little bit of trouble at first, [more...]

GGA Challenges Featured on PodCacher!

The GGA and its Challenges were highlighted on the 18-Feb-2018 episode of the PodCacher podcast! The entire episode is worth listening to, but the GGA part starts at 25:11. We're so happy that everyone is enjoying the challenges!

Go here to listen: GGA Challenges on the PodCacher podcast

Wildlife Management Areas Open for Geocaches

After working with the Department of Natural Resources - Wildlife Resources Division (WRD), we are pleased to announce an agreement to allow geocaches on Wildlife Management Area's (WMAs). Several of these WMA's have never opened up to geocaching before. [more...]