GGA News

2018 GGA Coins Now Available!

The trackable 2018 GGA coin, with its unique icon on, is now available for purchase in our online store. [more...]

More GGA GIGA Pathtags!

Do you love pathtags? Do you love GIGA events? Have you ever noticed that you can't spell "GIGA" without "GGA"?? Well, then we have an exciting item for you! Due to popular demand we have reordered another 100 pathtags. [more...]

2018 GGA Hall of Fame

Please join us in congratulating the 2018 Hall of Fame inductees ... [more...]

GGA Challenge Leaderboard

See the latest GGA Challenge leaderboard here!

GGA on 2 Upcoming Podcasts

Join the GGA's very own GeoMonkeyTiger! on two upcoming Geocache Podcasts:

May 3rd - Thursday - 9pm - GeoGearHeads episode 331 -

May 13th - Sunday - 9pm - Geocache Talk episode 98 -

GGA Challenges Are Tons of Fun!

The GGA wants to get you out Geocaching! To help with that, we are going to start some "Challenges” for 2018! Throughout the year, we will present a number of challenges for you to complete.

Challenges will be posted on Sundays. Each challenge period will run from Monday to Sunday. Some may be for just one week, some may be for longer periods. You can choose any cache you want to meet the requirements, but the caches must be found during the applicable challenge period.

To make sure almost everyone can participate, every challenge will have three levels: [more...]

GGA on PodCacher!

The GGA was highlighted on this week’s (18-Feb-2018) episode of the Podcacher podcast! The entire episode is worth listening to, but the GGA part starts at 25:11. We're so happy everyone is enjoying the challenges!

Go here to listen: GGA Challenges on the PodCacher podcast

Wildlife Management Areas Open for Geocaches

After working with the Department of Natural Resources - Wildlife Resources Division (WRD), we are pleased to announce an agreement to allow geocaches on Wildlife Management Area's (WMAs). Several of these WMA's have never opened up to geocaching before. [more...]