Privacy Policy

This site is furnished by the Georgia Geocacher's Association (GGA), "the oldest Geocaching club on Planet Earth," for the pleasure and enjoyment of its members.

Some areas of the site, such as the forum, require "registration" in order to participate: you are required to create a profile (a user-name and associated password), and then to "log in" using that profile, in order to use the full features of that site area. You can voluntarily associate some personally-identifiable information, such as your "geo-nick," with that profile.

In all cases, GGA does not furnish any of this information to any third party.

If you place an order in our on-line store, please also bear in mind that none of the financial information that you provide (such as credit-card numbers) will ever be made known to GGA: PayPal® securely obtains this information directly from you and does not divulge anything to us. Therefore, you will never receive any legitimate inquiry from GGA asking for such information, for "verification purposes" or for any other reason. (If you ever do, do not respond! Please notify PayPal® immediately!)