Privacy Policy

This site is furnished by the Georgia Geocacher's Association (GGA), "the oldest Geocaching club on Planet Earth," for the pleasure and enjoyment of its members.

Some areas of the site, such as the forum, require "registration" in order to participate: you are required to create a profile (a user-name and associated password), and then to "log in" using that profile, in order to use the full features of that site area.  You can voluntarily associate some personally-identifiable information, such as your "geo-nick," with that profile.  (Or not!  It's entirely up to you.)  Of course, if you do choose to provide a profile, other people can see it if they, for example, click on your name beside one of your posts in the Forum section.  But, in all cases, GGA does not furnish any of this information – nor your verified e-mail address – to anyone.

Store Security

The entire checkout process in our on-line store – and therefore, the entire security thereof – is handled exclusively by PayPal.®  All buttons such as "Buy It Now," "Add to Cart," or "View Cart" will take you to PayPal's secure site – the identity of which you can and should verify by clicking on the "padlock" icon in your browser's menu-bar and examining the security certificate.  

PayPal's windows will always display certificates which very clearly belong to PayPal ... not us.  Also, the phrase "PayPal, Inc." will appear as a background in your browser's web-address area when you are one of their pages, whereas (as you see ...) this same behavior does not occur on our site.  (You might have noticed that this GGA site is also secure, with a padlock on every page.  Feel free to click on the padlock to see what our security certificate looks like.)  

So, to repeat ... while you are engaged in the shopping and checkout process, our website is never directly involved:  PayPal handles everything, start to finish, protected by their own umbrella of security.  Therefore, none of the financial information that you provide (to PayPal alone), such as credit card numbers or PayPal account names, is ever made known to us.  You will never receive any legitimate inquiry from GGA – nor from PayPal – asking for any such information, for "verification purposes" or for any other reason.  Do not respond to any such inquiries!  Report the incident immediately to PayPal.