About GGA

GGA is the very first Geocaching club on Planet Earth.™ (Seriously ...) 

Club History:

The GGA was born out of curious circumstances. In the very earliest days of the game, when geocaches were few and far between, two geocachers happened to meet on a remote mountain trail one day. (At the time, this was a very remarkable coincidence.) They talked about how interesting it would be to meet other cachers. They decided to post one of those brand-new types of cache, an "event" cache. They listed it, and others joined in to help organize a location and such.

Right before the event, Georgia Geocachers suffered a blow of sorts as caches were banned in Georgia State Parks. (Suddenly, we had an actual serious agenda at this meeting!) Still, it was a great meeting. TJBowers' and LoCache's event went off great, and the "event cache" is now a staple in geocaching. Over the next month, we discussed names and logos for our newly forming organization. At our next meeting we chose a name for our group. The Georgia Geocachers Association began the tradition of monthly event caches and became the world's(!) first geocacher's association.

(Incidentally, the second oldest Geocaching club in the world is the Middle Tennessee Geocachers Club (MTGC), founded just a few months later by JoGPS – "the Godfather of GeoWoodstock" – and likewise still very active today.)

At our fourth meeting (Sept. 2001), several people who were working behind the scenes decided to form a management committee, or the Steering Committee (SC), which we use in lieu of elected officers. 


Today, the GGA strives to promote the activity of Geocaching in many ways. We have partnered with Georgia State Parks to promote geocaching in the state parks, including the first(!) State Park Challenge series of caches and geocoins to be earned. At our monthly meetings we host great events all over the state to get our members out there to explore and have fun while geocaching in Georgia. Past events have included:  mountain hiking trips, river kayaking, Okefenokee swamp tours, Tree Top adventures at Callaway Gardens, Climbing the Naomi Ruth tree, boating on Lake Lanier in quest of early caches, and much more! Our meetings also cover topics such as: safety, puzzle cache tips & techniques, geocaching etiquette, Leave No Trace™ ethics, and other helpful topics for newcomers and experienced cachers alike. The GGA also plans other activities such as Geocaching Challenge Events, CITO (Cache In, Trash Out) Days, Geocaching 101 classes, and more.

GGA is also fairly unique in that the organization continues to maintain a state-wide scope, working with both individual cachers and regional clubs. Today, GGA continues to avidly support the sport of Geocaching throughout the entire State of Georgia.