Mission Statement:

The Georgia Geocachers Association (GGA), the oldest Geocaching club in the world, is a group of people whose purpose is to encourage, publicize and support Geocaching in the state of Georgia. We meet monthly to share stories and to develop the sport within Georgia.  We have a state-wide scope, supporting both individual cachers and regional clubs.

About GGA:

GGA is the very first Geocaching club on Planet Earth.™ (Seriously ...)  [more...]

Becoming a GGA Member:

Becoming a member is easy...just join us at any one of our monthly or random events and you automatically become a member of the GGA!  Click here for a map and links to our upcoming GGA events!

We do not charge dues, but rely on your generous donations and sales of various products for our financial support.

GGA News:

It is time for the 2024 GGA coin design!  Hope you have had your creative juices flowing.  We need those designs. 

As usual, there are minimal restrictions on the design and we encourage multiple submissions (up to 3 per person). 


Submission and voting will be done via the GGA website 'contest' page.

Get your designs ready! Submissions will open on February 1, 2024 and you will have until February 21, 2024 at midnight (EST) to get them submitted.

You can submit your artwork and then adjust or refine until that date/time.   

Voting opens on Feb. 24th, 2024 and closes at midnight (EST) on March 9, 2024


The only requirements:

 The year 2024 must be included somewhere in the design.

 ‘GGA’ or ‘Georgia Geocachers Association’ has to be in the design.

 Keep the design theme family-friendly.

 Submissions need to include a standard image file format (.JPG or .PNG). 

·If your design requires a specific color of metal, or has a 3D component, be sure to detail that.  If this is part of the winning design, we will at least get estimates on the cost of these extra items. 



1. The coins will be trackable on geocaching.com.  The words ‘Track this coin at www.geocaching.com’ and the six-digit trackable code/number can be on the back of the coin or on the rim; designer’s choice. 

2. The winner receives two of the coins.

3.  The standard round shape is fine, but other shapes are also welcome!  (Twice in past years, the coin was the shape of the state of Georgia...) 

4. If you have submitted artwork before and it was not chosen in an earlier year, feel free to submit it again -- with the updated information!

5. A limited edition of 100 coins will be made.

These great cachers have joined the Steering Committee and will be serving a two-year term from 2024 through 2025. Be sure to meet them at our upcoming events.

Thanks to all who joined us at our December 2023 event (Geo-Jingle Fun!) at Victoria Bryant State Park!
The weather wasn't the best, but that didn't deter great cachers from showing up and joining in on the fun. What fun did we have? Well,

  • We had a hot chocolate bar
  • A fruit-cake toss (what?)
  • Decorate a wreath contest/give-away
  • White elephant gift exchange
  • Tons of prizes
  • Great conversations with our caching friends.

We had a great time at our November 2023 GGA event at Fort McAllister State Park!

The donuts were fresh and the coffee was hot. Great conversations were had. 

We appreciate all of you who attended and make GGA events a lot of fun.

We hope to see you at our next event "GGA Dec 2023 - Geo-Jingle Fun!" GCAG1H0

Here are some highlights of our November event:

We had a great time at the Evans County PFA for our September 2023 Event!
The turnout was great.  We had a very informative speech from a Naturalist from the PFA, hotdogs, great conversation, and a lot of prize giveaways.  A big bonus was a large number of new caches (not published at meeting time), for all to find.

The fish were flying at the event!

Here are the winners of the "Fish Toss"...

These awesome cachers celebrated milestones at our September 2023 Event at Evans County PFA!



We had a ton of fun at our Birthday Bash in June 2023 at Red Top Mountain State Park!  A lot of cachers came out to help celebrate the GGA's 22nd birthday.  There was fabulous cake, great conversations, and fun games.  Many went home with some very cool raffle items, and even one lucky winner won the coveted Trackable Treasure Chest!

Speaking of games...

Some GGA members show off their ammo can throwing form!

We had a great time at our August 2023 event at Cloudland Canyon State Park.  Special thanks to Ranger Obadiah for his presentation on the geology of the canyon and caves of the area!  There was a great turnout with the states of GA, AL, & TN represented, as well as multiple caching groups. A special FTF prize was given to a lucky winner, cold sweet watermelon was partaken, and lots of great conversation.

We had a large number of new cachers and first time GGA Event attendees. Here they are:




We have had a successful 2023 CITO Season thus far...
Thanks to everyone who came out and participated. Here are a few pictures of our efforts.
There are more events coming, so stay tuned!

Super congrats to all who celebrated Milestones at our September 2023 Event at Evans County PFA!

You are awesome!


Congratulations to those who celebrated Milestones at our August 2023 Event at Cloudland Canyon State Park!






Congratulations to those celebrating Milestones at our June 2023 Birthday Event at Red Top Mountain SP.

Congratulations to those celebrating Milestones at our May 2023 Event at Indian Springs SP.
Fradycats5 with 1000 finds!

Nurse1 with 14,000 finds!


Congratulations to MOTgeo who hit #2500 at the Honeysuckle Park CITO event!




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Every purchase helps support the GGA so we can continue to host great events and activities!

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