Mission Statement:

The Georgia Geocachers Association (GGA), the oldest Geocaching club in the world, is a group of people whose purpose is to encourage, publicize and support Geocaching in the state of Georgia. We meet monthly to share stories and to develop the sport within Georgia.  We have a state-wide scope, supporting both individual cachers and regional clubs.

Upcoming Events:

December 2018 Meeting: Holiday Happenings

Join the GGA for a bit of fun before the holidays!

The event will start at 1:00pm and will last until 3:00pm.  There will be a cookie decorating contest. Also, we will be doing a Dirty Cacher Gift Exchange for those who wish to participate.  If you would like to participate in the Gift Exchange, bring a gift but please keep cost below $10. 

As always come prepared for great raffle prizes and fun!

Hope to see you there! [more...]

9th Annual Bussey Point Camp and Cook Off

The 9th Annual Bussey Point Camping and Cook Off will start at noon December 1st and end at noon on December 3rd, 2018.  

Yes, everyone, it is that time again.  Great camping weather and so much food we just don't know what to do.  Again, we cannot thank those that have attended, in the past, enough for the great times we have all had while hanging out at Bussey Point.  

For those who have never attended, this is how the event goes: [more...]

December Lunch and Fun Event

(1:15 PM to 3:15 PM)

Come on out and join us for lunch at Guston's Grille for the 13th Annual December Lunch and fun mid-week, get together.

Do you Wanna Go for lunch and meet with the Wanna Go Crew and some some geo-friends. Then come on out and join us for a mid-week, get together. [more...]

GGA News:

We're very fortunate that we've had 4 great individuals/teams nominated for next year's Steering Committee.

  • Tammy Howell (Hearthunter)
  • Bryan Kemp (Asgo Roth)
  • James Joseph DiPietro (JimmyTwoTimes) & Amber Miller (AmberSweet)
  • Anne Poe (poeanne) & Kate Wolf (Wolfling70)

To help GGA members with their election selection here is a little bit of information on each candidate: [more...]

It's time for the 2018 GGA Steering Commitee nominatioins!

Read all about it here:  2018 GGA Steering Committee Nomination Process!

One of the GGA's traditions is to host our November event in conjunction with the Georgia Geo-Campers. In keeping with that tradition, this year's November GGA event (GC7YJDH) was hosted at Lake Mayer Community Park in Savannah, GA, while the Georgia Geo-Campers camped out at nearby Ft. McAllister State Park (GC7XCFZ). We ran into a little bit of trouble at first, [more...]

The votes are in and the calendar is back from the printers!  Order yours now!

Thank you all for taking time to submit many great photos, and to vote!

Meanwhile congratulations to the photographers of the following images!

2019 Calendar Images    
Fishing boat GC6KBVZ RangerDoc
Providence Canyon GCG07D GeoMonkeyTiger!
Trees in stream GC7V25M Amber Sweet
Dock Reflection GC7HEX1 RangerDoc
Cloudland Canyon point GC58JC9 Whittling Fisher
Abandoned Bridge GC6V8Z8 GeoMonkeyTiger!
Brasstown Bald GC17WXM 2 Wolfes
Amicalola Waterfall – ice GC51124 Whittling Fisher
Amicalola Waterfall-2 GC51124 Poeanne
Clouds GC26FP3 Team Sheppard
Graveyard GC5F72 LRHG73
White barn GC50M45 JMOBR
Possum in tree GC6ZKC6 Team Bear-Cat
White egret GC6R8BF 2 Wolfes

See the latest GGA Challenge leaderboard here!

The GGA wants to get you out Geocaching! To help with that, we are going to start some "Challenges” for 2018! Throughout the year, we will present a number of challenges for you to complete.

Challenges will be posted on Sundays. Each challenge period will run from Monday to Sunday. Some may be for just one week, some may be for longer periods. You can choose any cache you want to meet the requirements, but the caches must be found during the applicable challenge period.

To make sure almost everyone can participate, every challenge will have three levels: [more...]