Mission Statement:

The Georgia Geocachers Association (GGA), the oldest Geocaching club in the world, is a group of people whose purpose is to encourage, publicize and support Geocaching in the state of Georgia. We meet monthly to share stories and to develop the sport within Georgia.  We have a state-wide scope, supporting both individual cachers and regional clubs.

Upcoming Events:

Going Caching 2018

Experience legends and lore that will give you goose bumps as you geocache your way around secret locations in the city of Rome, Georgia.  Travel back to the 1890's and don your best steampunk ghost-hunting attire as you attempt to tackle unsolved cases and other haunted mysteries.  If you're more of a restless spirit, appear as a chilling Victorian apparition.  Visit local sites that have inspired legendary tales of the paranormal, escape from a haunted Victorian parlor and explore fabulously spooky ruins while geocaching in Barnsley Gardens.  We dare you to attend.

(For more information about this mega event, please refer to the geocaching.com cache-page.)

Sweet 16 Fall Lacy Event and Campout

You and your family are invited to the Sweet 16 annual GeoCaching Event by the Lacy Family.

This year's event is being held at Victoria Bryant State Park near Royson, GA in pioneer campground #1. This campground has a covered picnic shelter which will be used for the Saturday Potluck supper. There also is a very large campfire ring for the nightly campfires.

(For more information about this event, please refer to the geocaching.com cache-page.)

GGA News:

Voting closed automatically for the 2019 GGA Calendar contest at midnight Sunday, September 16, 2018.

Winners will be announced shortly.


Our members have voted and we have a winner! It was SO close! Congratulations to TeamLopez on the winning design for this year's GGA Going Caching pathtag. Pre-orders are now available in the GGA online store. Order now! Thanks to everyone who submitted a design and voted.

The trackable 2018 GGA coin, with its unique icon on geocaching.com, is now available for purchase in our online store. [more...]

See the latest GGA Challenge leaderboard here!

Do you love pathtags? Do you love GIGA events? Have you ever noticed that you can't spell "GIGA" without "GGA"?? Well, then we have an exciting item for you! Due to popular demand we have reordered another 100 pathtags. [more...]

Please join us in congratulating the 2018 Hall of Fame inductees ... [more...]

The GGA wants to get you out Geocaching! To help with that, we are going to start some "Challenges” for 2018! Throughout the year, we will present a number of challenges for you to complete.

Challenges will be posted on Sundays. Each challenge period will run from Monday to Sunday. Some may be for just one week, some may be for longer periods. You can choose any cache you want to meet the requirements, but the caches must be found during the applicable challenge period.

To make sure almost everyone can participate, every challenge will have three levels: [more...]