Mission Statement:

The Georgia Geocachers Association (GGA), the oldest Geocaching club in the world, is a group of people whose purpose is to encourage, publicize and support Geocaching in the state of Georgia. We meet monthly to share stories and to develop the sport within Georgia.  We have a state-wide scope, supporting both individual cachers and regional clubs.

GGA News:

It’s time for the 2021 GGA Coin Design Contest!

We are looking for your creativity for our 20th Anniversary Coin and we’re looking forward to your submissions for the 2021 GGA coin.

As usual, there are minimal restrictions on the design and we encourage multiple submissions!!

The coin idea does NOT have to be round! Although we will certainly consider that standard shape, if you have an amazing idea for a different-shaped coin, please submit that too! We will at least get cost estimates on those. If you want to submit art ideas for both sides, that is OK too!

The only requirements:

· The year 2021 must be included somewhere in the design.

· ‘GGA’ or ‘Georgia Geocachers Association’ has to be in the design.

- It’s our 20th Anniversary so we encourage that to be part of your design

· Keep the design theme family-friendly.

· If your design requires a specific color of metal, or has a 3D component, be sure to detail that.

Other than those specifications, you are limited only by your imagination!

You have from now until midnight February 28, 2021 to submit your artwork via e-mail to gga.coins@gmail.com . 

The file format must be in JPG only!

Design submissions will be voted on by GGA members. The voting period will be from March 1, 2021 through March 7, 2021. The winner will be announced at the June 2021 GGA meeting.


1. The coins will be trackable on geocaching.com.

2. The winner receives two of the coins.

3. If you have submitted artwork before and it was not chosen in an earlier year, feel free to submit it again -- with the updated information!

4. A limited edition of 150 coins will be made.

Go forth and create! Can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Well GGA, the votes are in and tabulated and after a VERY close competition, the winner of the NEW and IMPROVED GGA logo is.............David Hamilton with entry #6!!!! ???? Thank you all for taking the time to vote!!! ????


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