Caches in Georgia

Georgia was one of the earliest states to embrace Geocaching, and it is filled with memorable caches, including some of the very oldest in the world.   You’re sure to find something to suit your fancy here in Georgia!

Oldest Caches

The list of oldest caches in Georgia includes some of the oldest that exist anywhere in the world.

Favorite Caches

Listed below are the top non-archived caches in the State of Georgia with the greatest number of favorite points.

Georgia State Parks Geo-Tour®

In 2021, Georgia State Parks introduced a brand new(!) Geocaching challenge, which divides the state into four quadrants, with a separate trackable geo-coin for each.  (You do not have to go to every location in a given quadrant in order to win its coin.)

Georgia History Trail GeoTour®

This tour will invite you to explore Georgia's historical sites.  You will visit several locations within the site to gather the numbers that you need to unlock the box at the visitor center in order to sign the log.  These caches of course can only be attempted when the visitor center is open.