Caches in Georgia

Georgia was one of the earliest states to embrace Geocaching, and it is filled with memorable caches, including some of the very oldest in the world.   You’re sure to find something to suit your fancy here in Georgia!

Oldest Caches
The list of oldest caches in Georgia includes some of the oldest that exist anywhere in the world.

Favorite Caches
These are the non-archived caches in the State of Georgia with the greatest number of favorite points.

Loneliest Caches
Active caches not found recently, sorted by number of days since last find.

Oldest FTF opportunities
Caches over a month old that have never been found.

Georgia State Parks GeoTour®

The Georgia State Parks GeoTour® was created by GGA in cooperation with Georgia State Parks, and consists of caches in state parks throughout the State.  Discover for yourself the amazing diversity that our state parks have to offer!  You can earn three collectible geo-coins – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – by logging these caches and the three Bonus Caches.

For more information, see the official State Parks web page.

Georgia History Trail GeoTour®

GGA helped to develop these caches at Georgia State Historic Sites. Stop by the front desk at any one of these sites to pick up a brochure with complete information about the series.You will be given a series of questions that will take you on a guided tour of the site, with a specific number (0-9) to be determined by something at each spot on the tour. Then, back at the visitor center, you'll use these numbers to open a combination lock on an ammo box that is kept behind the front desk.  Use these to collect Trading Cards, and from these, up to 5 pathtags.

Note that State Parks is now in the process of replaciing this pathtag/trading-card system with a single Geo-Coin – details to be announced.

For more information, see the official State Parks web page.