Caches in Georgia

Georgia was one of the earliest states to embrace Geocaching, and it is filled with memorable caches, including some of the very oldest in the world.   You’re sure to find something to suit your fancy here in Georgia!

Oldest Caches

The list of oldest caches in Georgia includes some of the oldest that exist anywhere in the world.

Favorite Caches

Listed below are the top 25 non-archived caches in the State of Georgia with the greatest number of favorite points.  (Listed updated on 11/25/2020).

Loneliest Caches

Active caches not found recently, sorted by number of days since last find.

Oldest FTF opportunities

Caches over a month old that have never been found.

Georgia State Parks GeoTour® ORIGINAL

Many years ago now, GGA worked with Georgia State Parks to develop a set of caches which were located in most of the parks.  Each cache contained a letter-stamp for use in a passport, which allowed you to accumulate three coins:  Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

This cache series was formally retired in 2021, to be replaced by an entirely new series based on geographic regions within the State.  The original caches were then archived.  However, each new cache does contain the letter that was required by the original State Park Cache, although there are no more "stamps." If you are still pursuing that series, the original coins are still available.

The three "challenge caches" from the original series were retained and are still available.  They are shown here.