2020 GGA Challenge Rules

2020 GGA Challenge Rules  

  By: wolfling70_sc on Dec. 13, 2019, 11:35 a.m.

2020 GGA Challenge Rules


The GGA wants to encourage you to get outside and play so we are happy to announce that the GGA Challenges will continue in 2020. 

The 2020 challenges will be based on Teams as we partner with local geocaching groups in Georgia to help encourage, publicize and support geocaching.  Individual players can still win prizes but you’ll also be contributing to the score of your team.


How To Play


2020 may be the easiest year ever to participate in the challenges since every cache found or event attended could count towards your team points.  In order to play, you’ll need to:


  1. Pledge your allegiance to one of the participating teams.
  2. Find geocaches and/or attend events.
  3. Be on the lookout for bonus challenges to earn additional points or tickets.
  4. Submit your challenge proof twice a month.



How To Earn Points

Points can be earned by individual geo-nicks, as well as by the team. 

Individual Geo-nicks

  • Find a geocache – 1 point
  • Attend any event – 1 point
  • Attend your own team’s event – 3 points
  • Attend a CITO – 5 points
  • Attend a GGA event – 15 points
  • Publish a new geocache – 5 points


  • Host an event – 50 points (limit 1 per month)
  • Host a CITO – 75 points (limit 1 per month)
  • Share an update about your team at a GGA event – 100 points

Prizes and Tickets

Individual prizes will be drawn during the monthly GGA event, excluding April and October.  Individuals can earn tickets for the drawings by doing the following:

  • Submitting your challenge proof – 1 ticket
  • Attending any event – 2 tickets
  • Attending your own team’s event – 5 tickets
  • Attending a GGA event – 10 tickets

The team with the highest score at the end of the quarter will win a celebration party (pizza, ice cream or similar) provided by the GGA.   The GGA will work with the winning Team Champion to arrange an appropriate location, date and time for the celebration. 

During the celebration party, a special drawing for prizes will be held.  All individuals who contributed and submitted proof to the winning team’s score are eligible to win these prizes.

The Fine Print

Additional rules related to the challenges are listed below:

  • Players must pledge their allegiance to a team when submitting their first challenge proof.  This will remain your team for the entire year.
  • Players not located in Georgia are welcome to participate.  If unsure of which team to pledge allegiance to, we can pick one for you.
  • Only human players are eligible to participate in scoring and prizes.
  • Individual challenge proof must be submitted by the posted deadline, or your points will not be counted.
  • Team event proof must be submitted by the posted deadline, or the points will not be counted.  (Must be submitted by the Team Champion or proxy.)
  • Proof must be submitted twice each month.  Caches found and events held/attended from the 1st day of the month through the 15th must be submitted by the 18th of the month.  Caches found and events held/attended from the 16th day of the month through the last day of the month must be submitted by the 3rd day of the next month.
  • A team must have a minimum of 5 players submitting challenge proof to be included in the quarterly contest.
  • Individual geo-nick contributing points are capped at 150 per quarter.
  • Scores will be weighted to ensure groups of different sizes can compete fairly.
  • You do not need to be present at the GGA event to win prizes.




The Georgia geocaching groups participating in the 2020 challenges are listed below with their Team Champion.  The Team Champion serves as the main point of contact for their group and submits the team challenge proof.  


Group Name

Team Champion

Atlanta Area Geocachers (AAG)

Dan Yee (kurokitty)

Central Savannah River Area (CSRA)

David Pilgrim (pilgrimsprogess)

East Side Gang Geocachers (ESG)

Ed & Teri Krickel (BoogerHill)

Geocachers Around North Georgia (GANG)

Randy and Pat Sheppard (TeamSheppard)

Middle Georgia Geocaching

Beth Jones (Swizzle Styx)

Northwest Metro Atlanta Cachers (NMAC)

David Simmons (Shilo)

Savannah Geocaching

Scott Gobin (Buzz82)

Southside Gang Geocachers

Benny Boggus (Creekwader)

Valdosta Geocachers

Jan Powell (Gadawgcacher)

GGA Steering Committee

(current SC members only)

Anne Poe and Kate Wolf  (poeanne and wolfling70)


Note:  The GGA Steering Committee will be participating in the challenges and be scored on the leaderboard but will NOT be eligible for individual or team prizes.

Re: 2020 GGA Challenge Rules  

  By: Poeanne on Aug. 30, 2020, 7:01 p.m.

Please note the following update to the rules effective 9/1/2020:


Some people have expressed concern about us awarding points for attending events during these tough times.  Out of an abundance of caution, we have decided not to award any additional points or raffle tickets for events in the month of September (Either attending or hosting).  Based on the current COVID status, we will continue to evaluate this on a month-to-month basis and will make a decision on future months as to whether events will be counted towards point totals.


For September, you can earn points the following ways:


  • Find any geocache – 1 point
  • Publish any geocache – 5 points

Additionally, each month, we will have a special "Bonus" that can allow you to earn more points/tickets.  Please see the monthly posting for more information on these special bonuses.

Thanks and have a blast finding caches!!

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