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Georgia Geocachers Association - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GGA?

The Georgia Geocachers Association (GGA) is a group of geocachers from around the state who meet monthly to share stories and develop the sport within Georgia. At present, membership is open without costs to anyone interested in geocaching. The members range in experience from people new to geocaching that are looking for advice before purchasing their first GPS receiver to some of the most accomplished geocachers in the country.

How did the GGA get started?

The first meeting of Georgia geocachers was held on June 9, 2001 (see the archived event cache here, you must be logged into the site). The idea was for Atlanta area geocachers to get together, share caching stories at a local park, and put a face with screen names. However, just a few weeks before the first meeting the Georgia Parks and Recreation Department sent out a letter banning geocaching from within State parks. This gave the meeting a focal point and we spent most of the meeting discussing this issue. Following the meeting an email discussion list was started which was used to develop what became the GGA. Names were tossed about on the discussion list and a vote was taken at the second meeting.

Why should I join the GGA?

The GGA provides geocachers with the opportunity to network with other enthusiasts and adds a social element to an often solitary sport. In addition to the social element, GGA meetings incorporate educational elements like snake identification, compass use, and map reading lessons to list a few. The GGA has worked with the Georgia Parks and Recreation Department regarding a policy recognizing geocaching as an approved activity within Georgia Parks. (See below.)

How do I join the GGA?

You just need to attend a monthly meeting! You will then be a GGA Member!

Where and when is the next GGA meeting?

Go to the Georgia caches page and check out the Georgia events to see the next event cache page. The next event, with a brief description, is also shown on the GGA home page.

How often does the GGA meet?

We have formal meetings once a month on the second Saturday of the month, except in December. In December we have an informal breakfast cache. After the breakfast, cachers sometimes go out and find some caches together!

Does the GGA have other sites on the web?

Yes, we have a GGA Discussion Forum and we have a discussion group on Facebook.

Where can I learn more about Geocaching?

In addition to the resources on the GGA Online site, there is a wealth of geocaching information on the Internet. The main geocaching site is Links to other good sites are available from the GGA Links Page. But, perhaps the best way to learn more about geocaching to talk with a geocacher. Stop by our next meeting and talk to some of the more experienced cachers.

Are there places where I cannot place a cache in GA?

Yes there are. More information can be found on the GA Cache Guidelines page on this site.