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Georgia Geocachers Association - Articles & Resources

Here's a few documents that we hope will help you learn more about Geocaching and the many aspects of the Activity! If you would like to submit an article, please send us an message.

"How-To" Articles

GGA/Geocaching Introductory Brochure (2.8mb)
This is a brochure created by CYBret and is posted on the website. CYBret encourages people to modify the brochure, and Phat.Bak has modified one for GGA use. Thanks Phat.Bak!

How To Create A Geocache Container by AJLACY
A Lacy explains how he prepares an ammo can complete with instructions on how to create a geocaching sticker for the outside of the container. Great job on full preparation.

Paperless Geocaching by mtn-man
mtn-man shows how to convert a pocket query into a file that can be put into your GPS and also into your PDA or Pocket PC. There are several methods to do this and links are given to some of these tools for geocachers.

♦ Part 1: Introduction to PDAs
♦ Part 2: Converting GPX data for PDAs
♦ Part 3: Getting Data Into Your Palm OS PDA
♦ Part 4: Programs for Non-Palm PDAs
♦ Part 5: Cachemate Tutorial

Camouflaging Ammo Boxes by Rebel
Rebel also shows how he prepares an ammo can for placement out in the field. This is another great summary of preparation and giving your cache some great camo to blend in the field.

Caching Etiquette Guide by Cymbaline
Cymbaline give a great presentation on hiding and finding caches and some of the best practices guidelines to live by. It is a great read for both the beginner and the experienced geocacher.

How To Start A Geocaching Group
General guidelines on what to expect if you follow in our footsteps.

Group Dynamics -- a must read!