GGA Challenges - Extreme in 2019!

The GGA wants to encourage you to get outside and play so we are happy to announce the GGA Challenges will continue in 2019.  We hope these challenges spur your sense of adventure and create many fun geocaching memories.

Throughout the year, we will announce a new challenge every other Sunday.  The challenge period will last for two weeks unless otherwise noted. To inspire all levels of play, there will be four challenge levels this year.

Bronze Level:  Intended for nearly everyone to be able to accomplish. 

Silver Level: Will be slightly more challenging than bronze but will be achievable by many participants. 

Gold Level: Will require a bit more effort to complete and some participants may not be able to accomplish.

Extreme Level: Designed to be the hardest level to attain and will test your dedication to staying on top of the leaderboard.  It may require special tools of the trade or travelling great distances. 

For leaderboard point accumulation each level will be awarded a point value for each challenge period completed and submitted by the posted deadline.  You may only obtain one score per challenge period based on the highest level completed during that period.  Level stacking or doubling of points if you complete a level more than once in the challenge period is not permitted.  Points are awarded by level as follows:

Bronze = 3

Silver = 5

Gold = 10

Extreme = 15

In addition to bragging rights on the leaderboard, you could win a prize at the monthly GGA event. Challenge participants will earn raffle tickets based on completed levels during the challenge periods for that monthly drawing. 

Raffle tickets for the monthly prize drawings are earned as follows:

The bronze and silver prize winners do not need to be GGA Members to win.  Attendance at the monthly GGA event is not required for the bronze/silver winners as these prizes can be mailed.

The gold prize winner must be a GGA member and must be in attendance at the monthly GGA event to win.  The gold winner will take home a fun prize pack filled with geocaching goodness.

A separate Extreme prize drawing will be held quarterly.  Raffle tickets for this quarterly drawing will be earned for every Extreme level challenge completed during the quarter.  You can expect these prizes to be highly coveted and worthy of the challenge requirements.  You must be a GGA member to win the Extreme prize but your attendance at the monthly GGA event is not required to win.

The leaderboard will be published shortly after each challenge period ends and scores are tabulated.  The results will be shared on the GGA forum and the GGA Facebook page.   The leaderboard will reset each quarter as noted in the GGA Challenge Period Calendar.

Other rules worth noting: