Wildlife Management Areas Open for Geocaches

After working with the Department of Natural Resources - Wildlife Resources Division (WRD), we are pleased to announce an agreement to allow geocaches on Wildlife Management Area's (WMAs). Several of these WMA's have never opened up to geocaching before.

WRD had two concerns. Like their sister division, Park, Recreation and Historic Sites Division, WRD has concerns of preserving the natural surrounding of the geocache. You will see similar geocaching guidance noted in the WRD geocaching guidelines as you see for our state parks.

Along with preserving nature concerns, the WRD has concerns with 'interaction' between geocachers and hunters. We feel the WRD geocaching guidelines will help assist with educating geocachers about WMA's, decreasing the possibility of both parties (hunters & geocachers) to have interactions with each other as we share these natural resources and coexist.

The geocaching agreement has been forwarded to WRD managers, but don't be surprised if there is confrontation from those employees that are unaware of this new geocaching agreement.

Also keep in mind that a land pass is required, or a hunting or a fishing license, to be on most WMA properties.  Always be aware of hunting seasons!

This opens up several thousand of new acres for us to discover through geocaching!

The WRD Geocaching guidelines can be viewed on the GA wiki here: