2018 GGA Hall of Fame

Please join us in congratulating the 2018 Hall of Fame inductees ...

                                                         Anne Poe (Poeanne)
                                                         Joe Biddle (Joe Bids)
                                                         JB Barrett (LionsLair)

These Geocachers have many accomplishments, and have contributed to geocaching in Georgia in significant ways!  We appreciate all that they have done so far, and we look forward as they continue to make a positive impact on Georgia geocaching in the future!

We also want to thank everyone for sending in their nominations!  With so many nominations, and with so many people contributing to geocaching in Georgia, it was a very difficult choice to make.  Our hope is that everyone will continue to work to make a positive impact on geocaching in Georgia so the Hall of Fame selection is packed with worthy candidates for many years to come!  Georgia is a great place to geocache because of all of you!

Check out the 2018 HOF page for more information on their accomplishments: