The GGA wants to get you out Geocaching! To help with that, we are going to start some ‘Challenges” for 2018! Throughout the year, we will present a number of challenges for you to complete. To make sure almost everyone can participate, every challenge will have three levels:

Bronze Level: Pretty much everyone should be able to do these, though you may have to step out of your comfort zone for some!

Silver Level: These are a bit tougher— a way to push yourself as a cacher! Can you complete the Silver level challenges?

Gold Level: For the most dedicated and hardcore cachers out there! Challenge yourself to the max and see if you can complete these tough challenges!

Challenges will be posted on Sundays. Each challenge period will run from Monday to Sunday. Some may be for just one week, some may be for longer periods. You can choose any cache you want to meet the requirements, but the caches must be found during the applicable challenge period.

The Bronze/Silver/Gold level challenges will all be assigned point values. We will do two things with these point values:

  1. At the monthly GGA meeting, we will do a drawing for a fun prize pack Each point you earn doing the challenges will translate to one entry in the drawing! Also, if you come to the meeting, we’ll double your entries and increase your chances to win!

  2. We’ll keep track of the players online. You’ll be able to track yourself on a leaderboard and see how you compare to other cachers!

Just a few rules to follow on this:

  • Anyone can participate in the challenges and will be tracked for the leaderboard. However, you must be an official GGA member to be eligible for the prize drawing (If you’ve attended and logged a GGA event, you’re a GGA member!).
  • Any cache, anywhere can apply as long as it meets the requirements and is found during the applicable time period.
  • Prize pack drawings will take place at each month’s GGA meeting. You do NOT need to be present to win (though remember, you’ll get double entries if you’re there!). If you are not present, we will reach out to you via the email you used for submitting your cache proof to get a physical address to mail your prize.
  • You will need to submit proof of completing your challenge (usually, just a screenshot of your applicable logs) by the published deadline for each specific challenge. If you do not submit by the deadline, you can not earn any points for that week’s challenge
  • You can only qualify and win points for ONE challenge each period. What does this mean?
  • No “level stacking”. If you complete the “Gold” level challenge you get the points for that— not the points for the bronze and silver as well (Even though you may have completed those in the process of completing the gold level challenge).
  • No additional points for achieving the goal multiple times. So, if the “Challenge” is “Find a cache more than 10 years old”, you only get credit for the first one you find. You don’t get multiple awards if you find 10 caches that meet the requirement.
  • Some weeks may feature an “alternate” challenge-- something you can do in place of the posted challenge. If you choose the alternate, you will only get points for that, even if you have completed the “main” challenge.

Finally, we don’t just want you to just complete the challenges, but we want you to share your adventures with us! Post your stories and pictures (No spoilers, please!) on the GGA Facebook page, so everyone can enjoy! We’ll pick our favorite picture each month to be the GGA Facebook cover photo!