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Paperless Geocaching Part 5
"Cachemate Tutorial"

Cachemate is used by many cachers. This will give you instructions on how to load and use the program.

First of all, you must download the program. Go to:

Download the latest version of "cachemate" and the latest version of "CMConvert". They will come as a .zip file. Unzip each of them in a folder so you know exactly where they are.

Double click the cachemate icon and it will open your PDA installer program. Click OK and hotsync your PDA device. That will install the cachemate program on your PDA. Cachemate is now ready to accept converted GPX files for use on your PDA. That was the easy part!

You must now run the CMConvert program on your computer to convert your GPX files into a format that your PDA can import into the cachemate program. Go to the folder that has the unzipped CMConvert file. Double click the CMConvert icon and the program will open. Click the "Load File..." button on the bottom left and the window below will open.

Find the folder with your GPX file and select it and click "Open". The file will then open and you will see a window asking what information you want. You can pick and choose the data you would like to have in your PDA. Click OK and the caches will open.

Once you have loaded the file you then want to convert it. Select all the files by just tapping "Select All" in the lower right corner of the screen. You can also use the other "Select" button for special selections. Next, click the "Convert..." button next to the "Load File..." button and the file will be processed.

You will be asked for a name for your converted file and a location to put it. You know the drill here! Make sure you know where and the name of the file.

Once you type in the name and click OK, the program will ask which device it goes too. If you have only one profile then it will be selected automatically. Next time you hotsync the file will be automatically installed on the PDA!

Once you hotsync you need to import this file into cachemate on your PDA. Below are actual screenshots from a Zire71 PDA.

Once you open cachemate, you should be given the option to import the new files that you have just hotsync'd to the device.

If you don't get that option, then you can import your cache information from the top menu. Just tap "Record/Import Record". You will be given several options depending on the installed files. Look for the file you have converted with the CMConvert program. Once selected it will be pulled into cachemate!

You can see the caches listed in the program now. You can sort them several ways. On the main screen, the first column show "V" for virtual, "E" for event, "T" for traditional and so on. The "+" indicates that the cache has been checked as "found". You can also see that it shows you if the cache has travel bugs!

Tapping on a cache will give you 5 options. "I" gives you the info about the cache (shown at left). "D" gives the description from the cache page. "H" gives you the hint decrypted. "L" gives you a page to make notes regarding your log (date, time, notes, took, left, tbugs). "P" shows the past 5 logs from the cache page.

If you load multiple files as you travel, you will need to manually delete those files when you are done with them. I recommend only deleting after you have loaded a new converted file into cachemate. To delete files, go to the main screen. Go to the top menu and select "App/Delete".

Be VERY careful here!!!

On the Delete screen, scroll down until you find the name of the file that needs to be deleted. Highlight it as shown, then tap on the "Delete..." selection. This will wipe the file from the PDA and free up space for more files.

Once again...
Be VERY careful what you delete.

This is a rough touch on what cachemate can do for you. If you have additional questions, please feel free to go to our GGA Forums Technical Forum Section and ask questions. Many GGA Members use this software on their cache hunts and will be happy to assist!

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