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Welcome to the Georgia Geocachers Association website!

Thank you for visiting our Web Site! We have information about our upcoming events, what's new with issues facing Georgia Geocachers and the GGA, who we are and what we do, and a resource section that will grow with time to provide you with everything you need to know about Geocaching!

Going On Now

Georgia Geocachers Steering Committee Elections!

It's that time of year again! The nomination and selection process for the 2018 GGA Steering Committee is underway! Click here for all the details

Geocache Placement Contest

The caches are now available! Everyone that finds ALL of the caches before December 31, 2017 will be invited to vote on their favorites in three categories. (Best Location, Best Adventure, and Most Creative Hide) In addition, the first 85 or so finders of ALL of the caches will receive a limited edition pathtag! To ensure that only those that have qualified both vote and receive the pathtag, please take a picture of yourself at the cache location. You don't need to post it with your log (especially if it's a spoiler), but please either hold on to the picture or send it to the CO of the cache. You can find a bookmark list of the caches here. If you are interested, you can find the rules of the contest here.

Georgia State Historic Sites History Trail

The Georgia State Historic Sites History Trail / Geocaching Challenge Phase II is now underway. Find new caches and earn custom pathtags as you explore 14 Georgia Historic Sites. For more information check out the History Trail website.


GGA jacket patches are available for sale at any GGA event. Support your club and go caching in style!

Upcoming Events

February We'll be back at Indian Springs State Park for the 12th Annual Rebel Memorial Chili Cook-off! Come out and test your tastebuds with a ton of great chili! (GC6ZEJC)

March We'll be at the Charlie Elliot Wildlife Center south of Covington. (GC6ZMCN)

April The Steering Committee will be hosting CITOs around the state. Check back here for a list.

May We'll be at A.H Stephens State Park in Crawfordsville. The Moiety will hosting a "Maker's Madness". (GC74ZTX)

June Hall of Fame and Birthday Bash in Richard B. Russell State Park!

July The GGA is going to Georgia Veterans State Park for a summer cookout and games!!". (GC76XNW)

August The GGA is South again at Reed Bingham State Park. Canoe Battleship! Say what!?!? Event GC code coming soon!.

September We'll be back at Amicolola Falls State Park.

October The GGA won't have an event in October. Instead, join us in Rome for Going Caching 2017!

November We'll be lunching at Fish Tails, just outside of Ft. McAllister State Park south of Savannah in conjunction with the Georgia Geo-campers.

December TBD

Download a beautiful printable version of the most up-to-date schedule here

Latest Forum Activity

Feel free to visit our GGA Discussion Boards. Here are some of the topics being discussed. Note that you must be a "GGA Member" to view some sections of our boards.