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Georgia Geocachers Association - Past Events & CITOs

Do you want to see what our events are like or maybe you missed a meeting and want to catch up? Just click on the links below and you can find meeting minutes and the cache page from and more! The links will take you to the first meeting in each year, and then there are links to the other monthly meetings held that year from there. If you have questions regarding a past meeting feel free to email us with your questions or comments.

2001 Events Notes
2002 Events Notes
2003 Events Notes

All Events from 2004 and beyond are posted to our GGA Forums Events Section.

The GGA has also participated in several Cache In - Trash Out events, or CITO for short. We have participated in the first two International CITO Days in conjunction with Groundspeak/ The CITO web site even features a photo of the Georgia Geocachers at our April 2003 CITO event. A link to each of these events is listed below.

2003 International CITO Day, April 26, 2003
GGA Corps of Engineers Nat'l Public Lands Day CITO, Richard B. Russell Lake, GA/SC Border
2004 International CITO Day, April 17, 2004 in Atlanta, GA
2004 International CITO Day, April 17, 2004 in Savannah, GA; "Beware the Clutter!" by Johann Panholtz
2004 GGA CITO Event at Lake Lanier
2005 International CITO Day, April 16, 2005 in NE GA
2006 International CITO Day, April 22, 2006 at Tribble Mill Park, NE Atlanta
2007 International CITO Day, April 14, 2007

2003 International CITO Day Group